Three Little Kittens

An old child’s rhyme goes, in part: “3 little kittens have lost their mittens, and don’t know where to find them”. I saw this photo in an old magazine and decided it would make a cute pet portrait. While working on the preliminary sketch, I liked the pencil drawing so much I left it as […]

St Teresa Church, Summit

This is the church of my younger years, when things made a lot more sense to me than they do now. My church where I live today is a lot smaller but has a caring parish family. While churches are closed, our pastor and staff have made video Mass available along with video messages offering […]

Ink House Portrait

Though most people prefer watercolor house portraits, I enjoy doing the occasional ink drawing. My challenge is to convey shadow and detail accurately using a variety of pen strokes. Determining the various colors is no longer a problem since the portrait is black and white. A double mat with black as the inner and off-white […]

Summit High School 1962

I was driving through Summit, NJ this morning and passed my old high school. The building looks essentially the same, but a lot of things have changed in Summit since I grew up there. Today I noticed two older homes on the block next to my school have been torn down and replaced with what […]

Quiet Winter Afternoon

It’s cloudy outside; worse than that, it’s very cold. One quiet Winter afternoon I decided the weather wouldn’t keep me from my goal of doing more sketching. I sat down with a cup of hot tea. Looking around the room, I selected this chair as a good subject. I know there are artists who work […]


I had this houseplant on my front porch last summer and spent a few pleasant minutes creating this sketch. With most of the Winter still ahead I already look forward to doing more outdoor sketching in the Spring. I am fond of the little metal angel called “Serenity”; I needed some at the time I […]

Summer memories

This watercolor house portrait represents summer to me. I can see good times at the Jersey shore: families gathering at the weekend place, the feel of sand under your feet, the scream of seagulls soaring in the sky searching for leftovers. Since Hurricane Sandy there are fewer small homes like this, a large number being […]